Young Adult…

…was, in my opinion, the weakest out of Jason Reitman’s feature films.

It is not by any means a bad movie, fortunately, all thanks to the cast (Patton Oswalt is the MVP of the bunch) and Diablo Cody’s writing. Yes, the film is actually from the same duo who gave us Juno, and since Juno is one of my favorites; I really had some pretty high-ish expectations.

So what went wrong? Well, it was just mostly the final act whereas I didn’t feel any form of resolution. You know — leaving the theater with a big “huh” or being completely unfulfilled the minute the credits rolled.

It’s also one of those situations where you have sympathized with the main character long enough, only to realize at the end that the person was completely wasting her time, and you wish she could’ve done something else rather than being ridiculous. I mean c’mon — just fucking let it go or figure something out.

Overall, I’m still sort of recommending this movie because of (again) the cast and Cody’s superb writing. I dug it but I wasn’t fully happy with it either, gets?

*Just in case you haven’t noticed: I used the Japanese poster mainly because it looks way better than the US one-sheet.*


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