“Good Morning” from Nintendo: Xenoblade Chronicles is FINALLY announced for North America!

Well whaddya know: Xenoblade Chronicles, quite possibly my numero-uno game of the year, is finally coming to US on April 2012! Apparently it’s only available (as of this time) for pre-order at GameStop and/or Nintendo’s online store. To those who have joined Project Rainfall’s campaign and their crazy Amazon pre-orders, you should try reserving from either of those retailers instead.

If you really are looking for a game to get you back loving Japanese RPGs again — assuming you’re like me who grew up playing Final Fantasies II (IV) and III (VI) on the SNES and was pretty iffy with XIII — look no further! This is that game you’re looking for! To set you guys up for the hype, here’s the US trailer:

Thank you, Nintendo of America. It’s a start… I’ll give you that.


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