…was phenomenal! I… just, wow, incredible.

This is one of those films that’s, no joke, perfect in every regard and I’m totally in love with it! Moving, charming and even yes “magical” — it’s clearly one of the best films of the year (hello Oscars!) and obviously one of my favorites of 2011 as well. Saw it twice already, both in 3D would you believe, and I actually had a semi different experience on both.

The first one was mostly me being dazzled with the visuals. I’m not gonna lie: Hugo’s 3D, in terms of live action, is the best I’ve seen and experienced since Avatar. It’s remarkable and far from shitty gimmicks. The 3D does really enhance the viewing, and I’m highly recommending everyone to see it that way as it was meant to be. Martin Scorsese knows how to use it alright and, holy shit, it was surreal at times. Brilliant.

Then on my second viewing, I began to notice some of the little things that I missed initially. Namely the acting of all the actors and actresses which were splendid and more so the second time, plus also the “twist” of the movie and its effect during the first five minutes. Quite revealing and… well, you know that usual feeling when the movie becomes clearer to you after watching it twice? Yeah, it’s pretty much like that (expected anyway since it is a fact for revisiting films) but a little bit enhanced, I’m gonna say, in my experience.

It’s quite true that the trailers can be misleading and letting you believe that it’s a children’s movie by Scorsese. It still is but it’s nothing close to — and I quote — “…Neverland and Oz and Treasure Island all wrapped into one”. Nope and I’d rather keep my mouth shut. You know what it is, in my opinion? A family oriented Studio Ghibli live action film with a dash of Cinema Paradiso. Strong words, I know, but you better believe it.

Now, I’m pretty positive this is going to sound sooo Two Thousand Seven, but what the heck: Watch it or be part of the problem. It is truly a fantastic film.


One response to “Hugo…

  1. The movie itself runs a bit long at 127 minutes, but Hugo is worth every minute for the visual feast it provides, and features Scorsese in probably his most delightful and elegant mood ever, especially with all of the beautiful 3-D. Good review. Check out mine when you can.

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