The Lost Level: Episode 21

“This week on The Lost Level… Nintendo strikes back with not just one, but two triple-A titles this season: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land. G, Alex and Chris are going to be sharing their impressions on Link’s latest escapades, while Adam (with his brand new sparkly Zelda 3DS) will be talking about Mario’s impressive debut on Nintendo’s eye-boggling handheld.

Then we also have Alex and Chris briefly discussing that ridiculous game called Saints Row: The Third. Is it worth playing despite the amount of triple-As we have this Fall? Find out!

And finally, as usual, the news which include: the newest Xbox 360 Dashboard, Gears of War prequel trilogy c/o the guys who made Bulletstorm, Sony’s very own Super Smash Bros. game, Metal Gear Solid 5’s subtle announcement, PS Vita memory cards, The Dark Knight Rises update, and more!”


1:20 — Zelda: Skyward Sword

14:07 — Super Mario 3D Land
17:18 — Saints Row the Third
22:57 — The latest 360 Dashboard update
30:45 — People Can Fly developing a Gears of War prequel trilogy?
32:50 — GameStop blames poor sales because of the economy
36:52 — Next Xbox will have 2 SKUs
42:09 — Sony’s Super Smash Brothers
47:20 — Gaming Blurbs (Max Payne 3, Collector’s Ed, Old Republic players, MGS5, GameStop’s Vita memory cards).
56:56 — Jeremy Renner talks about the latest Bourne movie
58:26 — The Dark Knight Rises update
1:02:28 — New Tomb Raider movie
1:06:10 — Star Trek 2 and Man of Steel sequel update
1:09:55– Movie/TV Blurbs (Rampage movie, Steve Jobs biopic update, Dexter renewed, new Friday movie, Community on hold)
1:17:10 New Releases & Closing


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