Attack the Block and Super 8 were better the second time…

…actually, wait, lemme edit that: Attack The Block, with subtitles, and Super 8 were marginally better the second time. All the geeky references the latter has, as well as some (if not most) of the slang phrases, finally makes so much sense when you watch it with subs. Also: Moses, the film’s protagonist, really deserves a medal this year for being one of the most unique characters I’ve ever seen in this generation.

As for Super 8 — if you accept the fact that it’s not just a monster/sci-fi movie and view it more as a coming-of-an-age type of film; then you’ll truly appreciate it as a whole. It is such a tremendous piece of work (no thanks to demigod, J.J. Abrams) especially after watching it twice.

Protip: Watch both movies back-to-back. It’ll be worth your time provided you dig their respected genres.

Artwork by Carla Rodrigues


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