Square is hinting that Final Fantasy XV will be… an Action RPG!?

Do. Not. Like.

So, I logged back on after playing one of those November triple-A titles and — never mind about GameSpot and the attention they want with their “7.5” — what the hell was that!? I’ve always believed that one of the reasons why they let Nomura (and his Kingdom Hearts buddies) create Versus XIII was to craft this crazy, high-speed, action RPG that’ll shatter everyone’s expectations.

Therefore it doesn’t make sense that the next, numbered title will basically be the same thing. You know, if they’re planning to ditch the (sort of) tradition of coming up with these new battle systems in every game, sans maybe the online counterparts. Unless Imperial Hot (president Yoichi Wada) and his minions don’t really understand the true definition of “Action RPG”.

I’m not saying that XV’s system will virtually be identical to Versus XIII’s, which sounds ridiculous as it is. Nope, I’m simply suggesting that it would be nice to play a brand new Final Fantasy after Versus XIII (provided it’s coming out that is) which isn’t labelled as an Action RPG.

But hey, if the rumors are true (and I hope it is): Hiroyuki Ito, designer of most of the series’ favored battle systems and director of VI, IX and XII; is supposed to be handling the project. Again, the director of 6, 9 and 12 — hate those games if you like, I don’t care, they’re some of my favorites — is rumored to be the guy in charge of number 15. So there might be “hope” after all that Final Fantasy XV will be fucking awesome. Provided, of course, if what I just rambled back there is true.


2 responses to “Square is hinting that Final Fantasy XV will be… an Action RPG!?

  1. I hope that your ramblings of Hiroyuki Ito doing XV is true. He is far better than the idiots we have had the past couple of titles. XV is the chance for redemption and a chance to bring the series back to what it was. I hope Square-Enix doesn’t screw it up!

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