Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception…

…I consider it more as sort of a companion piece to its award-winning and critically acclaimed brother that is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Yes, I hate to admit this simply because I was hoping it would ape over its predecessor, but: Part 2 is still the better game, overall, and the one I enjoyed the most.

But that clearly doesn’t mean Drake’s Deception is an inferior game. It’s not. There are just moments in the game that doesn’t have that “new car smell” anymore in regards to the excitement that Among Thieves initially brought. Sure, there are still a couple of new things we haven’t seen or experienced yet that Naughty Dog cooked. Like — without spoiling too much — most of the set pieces that take place during the latter half. The game essentially has all the elements that make up a solid Uncharted experience, which isn’t obviously a bad thing.

Call it just a personal preference, really, since both Drake’s Deception and Among Thieves have their own particular taste.

It’s like picking which is your favorite Lord of the Rings movie or Studio Ghibli film. Better yet, it’s like choosing between X2 and First Class, or Royal and Mirinda. Both games have their own specific flavor, and it really all boils down to your preferred blockbuster experience. Do you prefer deserts over snowy mountains as your locales? Then pick Drake’s Deception. Chloe over Sully as your trusty companion? Go with Among Thieves.

That reminds me since I briefly mentioned the latter half; the pacing, personally, isn’t quite as exciting compared to its predecessor. I mean, it’s still a “non-stop, roller-coaster ride” for the most part. But when it comes to keeping me interested, both the MacGuffin and the locales, I really prefer the second game.

Same can be said with the villains as well. They’re interesting, yes, but Lazarevic was more threatening to me compared to Helen Mirren’s evil clone. At least the Jason Statham-ish character was fun, even though he could’ve used more screen/game time.

I know — I have been comparing the two a lot, and you really can’t help it since Among Thieves is the pinnacle of the franchise. As a fan, the expectations are insanely high and you really wish that the follow up would offer you that same, pure experience. But yes, unfortunately, it doesn’t have that raw feeling anymore even though it’s not a disappointing sequel.

Yup, if you’re wondering if I am disappointed with this game ultimately: clearly I’m not. There are still so much things to love, namely the (trademark) writing or dialogue and certain jaw-dropping sequences. Animation’s been improved also even though they’re mostly just the little touches, which I appreciate a lot by the way.

It’s still a solid purchase and definitely should be experienced by anyone who is craving for a blockbuster spectacle that isn’t named “Modern Warfare 3”. I still had a fucking blast, and as a tip if you want to get your money’s worth: DO NOT watch any of the recent trailers. You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you really want to be surprised later on.

…but didn’t you post the launch trailer a few weeks back in this crazy blog of yours?

Hey, I did warn you.


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