The Lost Level: Episode 20

“This week on The Lost Level… Mr. Howlett, who is currently making waves in TV, is unfortunately absent in this news-heavy episode. Hence, it is all up to the fun-tastic trio of G, Chris and Alex to discuss the latest gaming and movie news, which include: Modern Warfare 3’s sales, the October NPDs, PlayStation Vita’s “UMD Passport” service, the GTA V teaser trailer, Akira live-action updates, Black Friday video game deals, and a bunch more!”




3:02 — Modern Warfare 3 sells a LOT
9:44 — October NPDs
14:51 — PlayStation Vita’s “UMD Passport”
19:38 — Some guy wanted blow up a best buy when they dont have copy of MW3
26:10 — Grand Theft Auto V trailer impressions and update
34:44 — Street Fighter X Tekken not having disc-based updates according to Capcom, Gotham City Impostors coming in January, Jak & Daxter HD, Total Recall MMO, VGA 2011, Alan Wake DLC
42:30 — Godzilla and Asteroids movies get new writers
46:32 — Akira and Garrett Hedlund
49:36 — Star of Chicago Code cast in the Bin Laden movie, Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars, Leonardo da Vinci the movie, Andy Serkis officially joins Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2, Carmen Sandiego, Clash of the Titans 3
1:00:10 — Deals of the Week


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