I’m pretty stoked for American Reunion

If you ask any of those regular Joe Walmarts or Miss Ministops what’s his/her most anticipated movie of next year; they would normally answer not just 1 but 2: The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Well, most of them at least based on my knowledge. And yeah those would be my default answers too, along with Marc Webb’s Amazing Spidey because I’m a fan.

However, if you’re going to ask me what are the other movies I’m most looking forward to watch in 2012… well shit, there’s a lot actually. BUT one of those would be at least the direct follow-up to the original American Pie trilogy since I’m a huge fan of the, umm, original movies and not the retarded ones that followed after.

Here’s the latest green band trailer:

…and here’s the red band trailer which was released a few weeks back:

Not exactly as goose bumpy as you’d typically feel when you see familiar faces/characters after a long time. But, wow, it’s really nice to see the gang back, including Sherminator and the MILF dudes.

I know… I know — there’s a possibility the movie might not be as good as the originals. It could even be a huge pile of dogshit for all we know.

Though I’m not really that worried frankly speaking and, in all honesty, I’m just happy to watch an American Pie movie with (most) of the original cast. That reason alone is worth my ticket. Plus think about it for a sec: Is there really a chance that this movie would be as bad as the direct-to-video spin offs? I don’t think so.


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