The Lost Level: Episode 19

“This week on The Lost Level… Adam discusses the new inFamous 2 DLC, Festival of Blood, and shares us his initial impressions whether the stand-alone expansion is worth the reasonable $10 purchase or not. At the same time, he’s also going to be talking about the recently released Resident Evil 4 HD, which he found… well, tune in to find out! Then we have G briefly trying to convince Adam, along with the rest of the Lost Level crew (Chris and Alex), about Persona 4: The Animation. Fun.

And of course there’s the news which include: Grand Theft Auto V speculation, Nintendo losing BILLIONS of Yen, the very first PlayStation Vita bundle for US, Rainbow Six: Patriots, Takashi Miike’s Ace Attorney movie, Wolverine 2 update, and more!”

[audio] BREAKDOWN:

1:15 — inFamous 2: Festival of Blood
7:07 — Resident Evil 4 HD
10:15 — Persona 4: The Animation
13:58 — Grand Theft Auto V announcement
25:07 — Nintendo losing money
32:15 — PlayStation Vita 3G Bundle
34:20 — Rainbow Six: Patriots
36:12 — *Gaming Blurbs*
36:59 — Wolverine 2 update
40:35 — Ace Attorney live-action
44:14 — Indy 5 and JP4 updates (again!)
45:57 — Dumb and Dumber sequel
48:18 — *Movie Blurbs*
50:33 — Deals of the Week


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