A wrap for those Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 videos: It’s the Photojournalist and a Raccoon!

Here we have the final character videos of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3; featuring that snappy journalist from Dead Rising, Frank West, and the Guardians of the Galaxy representative — a character who I originally thought was a shabby addition at first, but he’s actually pretty cool — Rocket Raccoon! Check ’em out after the break.

Frank’s moves seems virtually identical to his Tatsunoko vs Capcom counterpart (along with some additions of course), and that was pretty much expected anyway. Consider it a good thing since he was a very fun character to use in that game in the first place. But for those who want to control and play something unique-ish, then check out the next clip:

Those guns and, not to mention, the accent… I’m stoked! This guy has “fun” written all over him. Impressive.


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