First Footage from Takashi Miike’s Gyakuten Saiban (the Phoenix Wright live action movie)

You probably have just seen the first official image of Takashi Miike’s Gyakuten Saiban (a.k.a. the Ace Attorney movie) featuring Hiroshige Narimiya (Azumi, Bloody Monday, Yakuza 4) as everyone’s favorite justice defender, Phoenix Wright!

Oh right — this is the Japanese version, so I guess we have to go with his original name which would be Ryuichi Naruhodo.

Well, anyway, now you can see some scenes from the live adaptation (taken from a Japanese TV talk show) after the break!

The clip also features some familiar faces from the game like Miles Edgeworth/Reiji Mitsurugi played by Takumi Saito (13 Assassins, Space Battleship Yamato). Exciting!

I have to say — it’s looking exactly just the way that I was expecting being a Miike film. Not maybe as vibrant as I want it to be (maybe because the footage is taken from a TV?), but it works on some levels. It’s just unfortunate that we’ll probably never see the “true” Phoenix Wright adaptation, since this is a Japanese production and they’ll be using the original names & settings. Hell, I’m sure dubbing it would also make it look terrible if you think about it. Sigh.


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