Batman: Arkham City…

…such an excellent game (note as in game “game” and not just a very superb comic book licensed property), even though the boss fights were weaker this time compared to its predecessor, and a couple of minor nitpicks in regards to the overall plot.

Protocol 10. Seriously, was that it? I was expecting something else. Something cooler and massive, you know, rather just another typical villain ultimatum for a PG13 offering. At least that little twist at the end was OK, especially the hint for the (supposed) next game’s main setup. But yeah, I thought the plot was overall-y alright and not as grand I was expecting it to be.

It deserves to be bigger than what it is because the premise itself was spot-on, and you have virtually all the Bat baddies already. Guess Rocksteady just wants to save up more ideas for future installments because you know they’re going to milk the shit out of this “Arkham” franchise. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was semi-confirmed a few weeks back that they’ll be making more games if this one sells a ton… umm, yeah, surprise!

And it’s true (admit it!): The boss fights in Arkham City aren’t as stunning, if not challenging also I guess, compared to Arkham Asylum. Save maybe for one or two, I personally believe they weren’t really super memorable. They’re still decently enjoyable of course, make no mistake about that, but you can clearly tell something’s missing. Just a bit to be exact.

Nitpicking aside, Arkham City is (once again) a very superb game and I was really happy with it overall. Combat’s tighter this time, the set-pieces were great, and the Super Mario World-like gliding mechanics surprisingly works despite the limited-ish environment. Sure, it could also use more Catwoman missions and — if I may add — more appearances from the Bat family. But goddammit: It’s such a solid game and I’d be lying if I said this isn’t going to make my top 10 this year. Hmm… maybe top 15. It depends, really.


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