The Lost Level: Episode 18

“This week on The Lost Level… tons of  news this week! The guys get together to discuss their thoughts on Rage, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, and that Battlefield 3 game that comes out on Tuesday. Episode 18 is action packed with awesome! We have special guests returning, an ode to Akira, spoiler free Batman discussion, and so much more we can’t even write it all down! There is even a contest… Say what?

If you like our show please tell a friend, hell tell 10 friends! In fact if you tell 10 friends let us know and we’ll salute you on a future show. In order for us to grow we need your help. We love doing The Lost Level, and we love our fans, so spread the word and let’s kick some ass together.

Don’t forget to enter the contest. What contest you say? Listen to the episode and find out!”




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