“How to Go”

By school food punishment.

This is, super hands down, my favorite opening this season next to (what else?) “Sky’s the Limit”. It’s also the best SFP single I’ve listened to personally since — I’m thinking… ah! — “Future Nova”. Love it, and it’s my LSS for 2 days straight now. Two days! The lyrics are pretty something as well.

Oh, how’s the show though? It was… decent. I’ll be posting an entry with my initial impressions soon in regards to the shows I mentioned a couple of days back. Right, the song:

“I hold my head and curse the present…
…as I suffer in this world so full of 
everything and wish to flee from it.
Steadily time passes like sand in an hourglass.
Nothing ever improved in the bleak tomorrows I gazed at.

Yesterday I was full of doubts.
But if I say good-bye to that, then now I can reach out with both hands.

Countless times I cry and am born anew…
…what am I hesitating about in this desolation?
I’ll walk towards the future I imagined.
All I can do is lay open my cards.
Where are you? Who are you?
You stare at the darkness I struggle in.

Maybe I know nothing…
…but I will still walk towards the place strewn with light where you are waiting.”


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