Paul W.S. Anderson’s The Three Musketeers…

…was alright.

I already had this headline prepared for this entry after watching the first 20 minutes, which was “IDGAF: W.S.’ Three Musketeers was freakin’ awesome!”. Sadly (clearly as you can see) that wasn’t really the case because the later parts of the movie were just mediocre, if not the simply good ol’ “OK”.

I know it seems weird that I am expecting something from a Paul W.S. movie, especially if it’s a Three Musketeers adaptation by him nonetheless (you can say I’m kind of a fan of Athos, Porthos, Aramis and etc.). But hey, it’s a W.S. flick and I just want it to be fun, ridiculous and (yes) full of cheeseballs. The movie was never intended to be, say, a Filet Mignon adaptation of the Dumas material, which by the way sounds fucking awesome and the world deserves it one of these days. Nope, it’s supposed to be the Mozarella Sticks of Three Musketeers… a.k.a. fun and just entertaining all throughout.

It was or it can be. In fact, even after the first 15-20 minutes, it was still fun even though the movie briefly focussed on characters that were NOT on the one-sheet you’re looking at above. Yes, some tedious and gibberish moments here and there, but the finale paid it off in some aspects (dude: airships!). The major problem I had was the ending.

Remember when I said the movie was supposed to be fun and whatnot from start to finish? Well, it appears that movie that I’ve been — dreaming I should say? — will be the sequel. Part 2. Yes, the movie somehow ends in a cliffhanger, and I can’t believe the studio execs or whoever; is considering the possibility that we’ll see Percy Jackson, Titus Pullo, Evil Legolas, (tamer) Hans Landa and company, again, sometime in the future.

What the fuck? Are they really serious? Because that’s ridiculously lame, and I really want to see that epic and “proper finale” of Paul W.S.’ Three Musketeers now and not God-knows-when.

Either way — it’s still a pretty fun-ish movie, and fans of steampunk-lite and the musketeers are going to find some decent entertainment in this one. Could’ve been more fun, is all.


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