Do you love Chiptunes and Squaresoft?

Then you need to check out SQ Chips (preview video after the break). It’s a Square remix-compilation album featuring some of their memorable tracks in chiptune form (Famicom-style 8 bit music).

True, there are zillions of fan-made remixes out there scattered around the net, like say YouTube. But this one’s “official” and it’s one of those “official” compilations that sound, well, good if not really well done in my opinion.

Notice that I used “Squaresoft” instead of “Square Enix” because, aside from Final Fantasies XI/XIII and Nanashi no Game, all the tracks featured in the album belong to the good-y days when Square was still cool, and they were also treating Final Fantasy with respect. I’ll… just… shut up. Here’s the video:

Neat. One of my favorite tracks, believe it or not, is the Blinded by Light (FFXIII battle music) rendition by MONACA. The Famicom sound effects (you know– *slash-slash* *poof* etc.) add more nostalgia and I freakin’ love it! Nice.


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