Contrary to popular belief: I’ll be getting Arkham City…

…as soon as the nearest Kmart opens this coming Tuesday, which means around 8AM. It should be worth the hassle. Originally, I had it pre-ordered on Amazon for weeks/months (see?), but the Kmart coupon that comes with Arkham is such a killer deal… I really had to cancel my reservation. Props to the “Gobots” version of Walmart!

Yes, I’m actually very excited to play Rocksteady Studios’ sophomore effort of the Batsy franchise, if you must know. There’s probably (again, probably, I’m not so-sure) murmurs around stating that I won’t be getting it on day 1 due to Chris’ insane Batman fetish (the biggest Batman fan I know, would ya believe), or the fact that Batman himself is getting way too much attention — I guess “overhype” is the word — thanks to the (high) expectations of the game and next year’s upcoming movie. Aaaadmit it.

That and maybe a couple of other things as well, I’m just so lazy to think or write as of this time because of this beer I’m currently holding, which taste pretty meh since it’s neither PBR nor Guinness.

Do you remember the time when Batman was theoretically cool and less annoying? I miss those days, personally. Almost everywhere in the interwebs it’s either Arkham City here, or Dark Knight Rises there. Well, if not the comics and other licensed properties. And since I briefly mentioned LL’s co-founder, Chris: his obsession in regards to Arkham City is uncanny. He has never been this excited since Mass Effect 2, which is probably saying a lot if you know him. Respect is the word, if not “funny”.


Pretty cool eh? Though it didn’t really resonate with me the same way an Uncharted 3 trailer would normally do or a Modern Warfare 3 one if we are talking about Game of the Year contenders. Guess that’s just me being a fanboy, or not.

Isn’t it strange, also, that we now live in a world where a Batman game is on the same caliber as the games I mentioned earlier? Crazy, I know right?

So, I’m purchasing the game not just because of the reviews it’s been getting, which in case you must know, is the highest rated game this year next to Portal 2. Or the fact that I’m a “fan”, generally, of the character.


Main reason why I’m so excited to play it — aside from the glorious E3 presentation I witnessed last June if I may add — is simply because I really enjoyed Arkham Asylum, and I wanted the developers to expand on it by making things less linear and more fanservice. I guess we are getting both if the reviews I read aren’t bullshit and weren’t written by trippy monkeys, which I’m positive they’re not. In fact, the key-phrase in one of the reviews I read was “more Zelda and less Metroid”, and I’m really happy about that.

Exciting. I cannot wait, and everyone out there should know that the Fall gaming season officially begins this Tuesday. It’s going to be a very interesting season… oh, you know it.


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