Finally Announced: SF X Tekken’s Release Date and the Collector’s Ed

Officially announced by producer Yoshinori Ono at the New York Comic Con; the game’s coming out on March 6, 2012 in North America and March 9, 2012 in Europe. That’s the same week Mass Effect 3’s hitting store shelves… wow.

Also also announced is a Special Edition (i.e. Collector’s ed) of Street Fighter X Tekken which includes the following goodies, aside from the game of course:

  • Build-It-Yourself Arcade Cabinet Bank (approximately 5”H)
  • Exclusive Prequel Comic Book by UDON
  • 36 Gems: Includes All Pre-Order Packs Plus An Exclusive Pack
  • Pre-Order Bonus: Nine Exclusive Gems Only Available For Pre-Ordering SE
  • Total of 45 Gems When You Pre-Order

The Gem system is — and I quote — “…an all-new customizable power-up system that creates an exciting way for everyone to experience the Street Fighter and Tekken fighting systems. Choose from dozens of Gems that modify characters’ abilities and stats.” Here’s in fact the latest trailer which explains the whole thing:

The price of this wacky package has yet to be confirmed, though I wouldn’t be surprised if this hits the $70-plus mark.

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