Nick Wright and some Space Cop: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 NYCC Update

As usual: Another biggie convention comes another batch of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 videos.

Just like the last update (Vergil and Iron Fist); this one features 2 new character-specific trailers. In this case, it’s everyone’s favorite video game attorney, Phoenix Wright, and Marvel’s super space cop, Nova. But before we get to their individual videos, which I’m sure is the prominent reason why you’re reading this, here’s the New York Comic Con exclusive trailer:

Fancy as always. The Vita version was even featured at the end which was a bit of a surprise. And now we have Phoenix Wright:

Kinda disappointing that Maya and the Judge are the only cameo-special-move appearances aside from the usual bunch, like say Edgeworth and/or Gumshoe. Potential DLC characters in the future maybe? Nevertheless, Nick looks neat and I’m a lil bit surprised he can do more stuff unlike Norimaro from the Japanese version of Marvel vs Street Fighter.

Then there’s Nova:

Looks and moves as what you’d normally expect from a guy who shoots, umm, beams. But yet I can’t help but feel bothered (just a little) that Capcom could’ve optioned a more familiar, flying based Marvel character. Hmm, it could just be me though, but either way he seems like an interesting character to use.


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