Real Steel…

…surprisingly enjoyed it, and in terms of “a movie about a boy and his robot” — it does a better job overall unlike say (what else?) any of the Bayformers.

In fact, one of the few things I wish the movie would’ve explored more was the relationship between the kid (whose acting was pretty well done I should say) and his robot-buddy, Atom. That particular scene with just the two of them, alone, is better than any of the Sam/Bumblebee scenes, personally.

But enough with the comparisons because both are truly different films. What I also enjoyed about this, aside from Hugh Jackman’s performance and the bouts, was the tone of the movie. It’s something along the lines of a 80/90s Spielberg produced (in which he did by the way if that makes any sense), kid-friendly film oppose to your typical “hey, let’s make a franchise out of this for kids and have either Disney or Nickelodeon produced and market it for the little guys who love Pokemon”. Well, not exactly true since it’s still swimming along those waves. But unlike filler-CG-movie-for-kids, this one has “heart”.

Kids are gonna love it, I bet, and I’d give it another viewing in one of these days. Oh and the movie starts with “All My Days” by Alexi Murdoch, which is a really cool and nice touch.


One response to “Real Steel…

  1. This is a great mixture of The Iron Giant, Rocky, and Transformers that may not be as awesome as it sounds, but still has a lot of fun with it. Nice review. Check out mine when you can.

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