The Lost Level: Episode 15

“This week on The Lost Level… the group shares their initial impressions on the recently released Battlefield 3 Beta, and some thoughts on the Hugh Jackman “robot-movie” Real Steel.

Then, as always, the news which include: PlayStation Vita 3G download limitations, Dead Space 3 plot leaks, Gears of War 3 DLCs, LucasArts making a new (rumored) Star Wars first person shooter, Entertainment Weekly’s “rushed” Avengers cover, Mortal Kombat coming (or rather “koming”) back to the big screen, and more!”


1:31 — Battlefield 3 Beta impressions

9:01 — Real Steel
18:13 — A 40 year old hunts down a 13 year old after being pwned in Call of Duty online
20:45 — PlayStation Vita 3G downloads being limited to 20MB at launch
24:29 — Dead Space 3 plot details have been leaked
26:20 — Gears of War 3 DLC to focus on different COGs
28:38 — GAME BLURBS (Portal free DLC “Peer Review” drops Oct 4th, Chrono Trigger this Tuesday PSN, Subway and the Uncharted 3 Beta, NFS: The Run demo dropping October 18th, Paypal email cites 11/15 for the new 360 dashboard, Beyond Good and Evil 2 update-ish, Square Enix’s Yoichi Wada has plans for Deus Ex, LucasArts developing a new FPS shooter)
37:07 — Entertainment Weekly’s cover of The Avengers
40:00 — Mortal Kombat coming back to the big screen
41:22 — Sony no longer paying for 3D glasses in cinemas
44:06 — Dead Island coming to a theater near you
45:36 — OTHER BLURBS (Fox picks up New Girl for a full season, Arrested Development MAJOR update, December 2011 movie release dates)
51:32 — Deals of the Week/Releases


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