A Bunch of Zelda Skyward Sword Videos

IGN just released 3 brand new videos of Link’s upcoming adventure this November. And, not much of a surprise here unless you loathe the franchise, but they look just as pretty as what you would normally expect from Eiji Aonuma and his crew.

Admittedly, I’m very excited to play this game even though the hype isn’t nearly as equal as Twilight Princess when it was being released during the Wii’s launch, in my opinion at least. I know even some fans out there aren’t “feeling” the Zelda-ness, and I can’t blame them because Nintendo hasn’t been showing a lot of the major good stuff lately.

Then the big presentation of Skyward Sword happened a few weeks ago during Nintendo’s 3DS Conference (you know, the footage with the Shadow of Colossus-esque boss sequence)… and suddenly people started to get excited again.

Unfortunately you won’t be seeing some of the good stuff they showed there in these trailers, but hey– it’s still looking impressive, if I’m being so honest, and I (still) can’t wait.

So, first we have the “Opening” trailer which I’m assuming is the one that plays before the title screen after booting up the game:

Don’t you just love the colors? And then here’s the “Romance” trailer:

So there’s going to be some, umm, romance in this game. Fine by me.

Finally, here’s the “Combat Tutorial” video:

Obviously it’s not a trailer, but it’s still interesting despite it being not-so-new especially for fans of the series.

Are you guys more excited now about this new Zelda? Or are you one of those fans who would rather wait for next one (the Wii U clip they teased back at E3) just because you would rather have HD visuals and such? And just a reminder to everyone: Skyward Sword will NOT be ported to the Wii U as officially stated by the Nintendo staff when I asked them last June.

*image above taken from ZeldaUniverse*


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