Gavin O’Connor’s Warrior…

…was pretty gripping despite the first 2 acts being sluggishly paced.

I saw the film not just simply because it has Tom Hardy as one of the leads. I’m pretty positive most of the regular viewers out there will be curious enough to see it because “hey, it’s the guy from Inception” or “dude, it’s Bane! Let’s go see it ASAP because he’s going to be in Batman 3”.

Nope. Reason why I had to drag my ass to the theater with this one – aside from scoring a free ticket – was the overall story about not-so-happy brothers, who come from different circumstances, and how they have to “confront” each other later on (insert the Mixed Martial Arts aspect). It’s pretty cliché actually, but an interesting premise nevertheless.

Speaking of Mixed Martial Arts, the fights are frantic and entertaining. I don’t even watch nor care a lot about MMA, but I was wholly impressed.

If the movie moved a little bit faster than usual, then I would’ve liked it a lot more. It has “heart”, I’ll give you that, but I just wish there were more fights, I guess, or something during the first hour. At least Nick Nolte’s performance in this one was Oscar worthy, hands down, which is at least makes the first half watchable, ultimately.


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