“Invitation Of A Crazed Moon”

Composed by Yuzo Koshiro:

Happy 25th Anniversary, Castlevania!

Been a huge fan ever since Vampire Killer played to my ears while I was a young dude during the Famicom days. My favorite game aside from Symphony of the Night (c’mon– we all know that would be everyone’s pick… or not) is definitely Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. I remember watching my cousins finishing it in one sitting, and was totally amazed on how very different it was compared to its predecessor.

Another favorite — in terms of Metroidvania-ness and it’s worth mentioning also — is Aria of Sorrow (GBA). Soma Cruz was such a badass in that game and he’s, arguably, my favorite protagonist in the whole franchise.

Oh and Portrait of Ruin, the one where the music you’re (hopefully) listening to came from and the amazing picture you’re looking at above, is also one of my favorites, obviously. Of all the DS iterations– I personally believe it’s the most enjoyable. Wow… I just realized I have a lot of favorite Castlevania titles and I haven’t even mentioned how epic Lords of Shadow was (yep, I enjoyed that too despite it being non-canon).

What is your favorite?


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