Nice! Grand Knights History has been confirmed for Western release

The gorgeous-looking PSP turn-based RPG from Vanillaware (Odin Sphere, Muramasa and the upcoming Dragon’s Crown) is coming to North America and Europe this winter, courtesy of XSEED Games of Rising Star Games respectively. The game will be distributed in both UMD and PSN digital formats.

This is kinda of a surprise and I was never expecting it to be localized since the PSP’s going buh-bye pretty soon here in the states. But oh yes, I’m personally excited after having played the import about a week ago. It plays great (though I heard it can get repetitive later on, we’ll see) and the visuals are truly remarkable, which is hardly a surprise given that it is a Vanillaware game.

This winter… that’s a little bit too soon and I hope have the time since there’s a LOT coming out in the next few months.


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