I’d like a Jill Sandwich, please: Resident Evil/Biohazard 15th Anniversary Video!

Sooo many good memories. In fact, thanks to the awesome stories of GamingJesus and CVX-freak, I revisited and finished Resident Evil 2 (the Dual Shock version) a few weeks ago, and yes it was between my Xenoblade questing and whatever series I was catching up then (I believe ’twas Big Bang Theory).

Couldn’t even believe that I was able to play and beat LeonA so quickly in one sitting. No, I’m not bragging or anything… I just find it incredible that I still remember most of the in-and-outs. Guess that officially cements RE2 as my favorite in the series next 4 and the original. I have yet to play REmake (it’s sitting here somewhere). Soon, maybe.


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