Back from Canada

Toronto/Mississauga specifically, and I got back yesterday evening and not, umm, today or as of this writing. Not that it matters, anyway–

I would just like to point out that I really had a great time. It was nice seeing relatives, generally, again (that includes the younglings) and it just feels like a breather to spend those thingies we chums identify as “quality time” elsewhere… unlike say here in the midwest-burbs which can be extremely moody during the chilly season(s).

By the way: I was simply accompanying my mom and I wasn’t really there for a full-blast vacation. It was her vacation, is all. Though I’ve been meaning to “unplug” myself for a while now and I wanted to see some familiar faces. Mom-side or dad-side– it doesn’t matter.

I know, “unplug”. Quite funny considering that I was still able to update this blog with random-gibberish Tokyo Game Show updates (read: trailers). Couldn’t help it, to be perfectly honest, and those trailers (well, some of em) were fucking amazing to watch.

That’s also one thing I realized recently– I’ve been updating Zepperoni with mostly gaming and movie shit that you can most likely find anywhere else. Where are the movie reviews/impressions, or games I’d praise or bitch so that readers out there would know whether it’s worth $60/P2300!? Well, I haven’t seen a lot of “new” movies lately (last one I saw was Warrior in which I lazily forgot to post). As for games, I’m still playing Xenoblade (which I’m sure you already know by now is the world) and soon I’ll be killing time with Persona 2 PSP and next week’s ICO/Shadow combo. So, who knows… the regular, “exclusive” content of this silly blog will return soon, ish. That includes more personal stuff such as this.

Oh right, Canada…

Aside from the happy reunions and what-have-you, the best part of the trip was not the yummy steak I had (in 2 separate occasions actually). It was not the crazy walk I had in downtown while trying to find Scott Pilgrim landmarks (the map-o-rama lies!). Surely it was not the tame northern lights (haha, Northern Lights) or aurora borealis-ish wave I saw while passing by Niagara Falls, nor was it the misty-trippy walk I had the day after. And definitely it was not the Americana water park and the buzz (no wait… never mind).

It wasn’t also the time I had lunch at Pizza Pizza while wearing my Plumtree tee. The slice-of-pizza I had specifically wasn’t anything special, mainly because it wasn’t fresh.


The best part was the insane, “dimensional punch” I had while I was chilling out with my cousin. It made me realize a lot of things, and it feels like my life has been reloaded to a new save point with killer stats, or hell a “new game plus” mode if you will. Fuck, I’m such a dork.

But yes, that was the best part of mom’s vacation if you ask me and… quite frankly it’s really-really hard to explain what it is fully. It’s kinda similar when Terra (from FFVI) said “I know what love is…” to Kefka’s face and the 10-year old in you was puzzled to understand what she really meant by that. Well, I was back in Grade 5. And no– it wasn’t a punch or a thwak. Seriously, you must be fucking insane if you think it was.

Trip. You know.

*sigh* I dunno, guess I just miss people ultimately. That includes YOU Kenneth, Altair, Mako, Dale and the rest of the Fivers. ❤ y’all as well as the rest… fark, it feels too soon to post a “Missing Everybody” entry and this obviously isn’t it. Someday. Hopefully.

It’s bed time. Smell ya later.


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