Because I STILL care part 2: ‘Promise’ and ‘Despair’ Trailers

Because it’s all about from “promise” to “despair”, or back and forth. I… I’m just messing around.

“Promise” is in fact the TGS trailer with the absurd English audio track. There’s a big difference and I’m positive you’ll notice it immediately. While “Despair”, on the other hand, is the 360 JP trailer of XIII-2 and it’s also dubbed with the English track.

Charice’s song (“New World”) is also featured in both trailers. I’m pretty proud of that, actually, for obvious reasons.

The trailers are decent to begin with if you can just pass the… lip syncing and some of the dialogue. Enjoy and remember: the bad guy “is beyond death” and “…he can’t die, ever”.


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