The Lost Level: Episode 13

“A crazy thing happened on the way to making this cast…

The Lost Level: Episode 13 Turn My Headphones Up! almost wasn’t made due to Chris failing to make the cast on Sunday. I take full blame. I’m sorry. It was decided that we’d just wait for Gzep to get back from his vacation, and record again next week.

However, when I awoke at 5am to go to work I was greeted by this Netflix email, and the wheels in my head started spinning. I wanted to talk about it, I scrambled to see who would be available to cast. Unfortunately, Adam had prior commitments. So Episode 13 isn’t your typical episode.



Misfortune sometimes has a silver lining, and this is the case here. A dear friend, and someone I respect greatly stepped in and helped make this cast happen. Jim Plachy, former member of, and current host of the Bullshot! podcast. I worked with Jim on Bullshot! for around 30-40 episodes. I have always wanted to work with Jim again, and thankfully he was available.

Also stepping in is the fan favorite, Mr. Nips. What can you say about a man that has the twitter name nipples86? We love having him on, and it is always a great time. We hope someday he will become a full time member of the site.

WARNING: This episode is raw, there isn’t any intro/outro music. The audio is piss poor because I had to use a different recording laptop, as well as different software. Instead of wasting time figuring out how to get the levels to work properly I just wanted to get in front of the mic and record again. The content hopefully makes up for the audio quality. If this is your first taste of The Lost Level, don’t get hung up on the audio, listen to Episode 12 to get a better idea of what we do.

The title of the episode is a reference to the Dave Chappelle skit. When I listened to the episode it keep reminding me of that, so I felt like it was just an obvious title.

Next week we will be back to full strength. Adam and Gzep will return, and we will have proper audio equipment again!

I want to thank Plachy for recording again. It meant a lot to me, and I hope this isn’t the last cast we do together. You can find him on Bullshot! and Twitter.

Mr. Nips can be found on and Twitter.




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