Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop (whatever) trailer from this year’s TGS

Those nutty guys from Square Enix finally released the TGS footage of, arguably, one of the most anticipated titles for the 3DS.

It’s a pretty looking one, I have to admit, and it’s featuring a lot of the new characters that were confirmed by various previews such as Neku (from the DS “classic” The World Ends With You) and Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame).

Let’s be honest– the story of this game could possibly be another messy/shitty one similar to past spin-offs. But hell, you never know and this particular entry of the series might be the one to (finally) have all the answers. We can dream. Fans who have been following the franchise will most likely understand what I’m trying to explain, yeah? Nevertheless, the game’s gonna play great, it’s gonna look great, and most importantly: it’s gonna be fun.


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