Premium Rush looks awesome!

Check it out: it has Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing as a bike messenger who, unfortunately, gets caught in some crazy chase scenario. Plus it has Jamie Chung (The Hangover Part 2, Sucker Punch, Drago— no, forget it) and Michael Shannon (World Trade Center, Revolutionary Road, the upcoming Man of Steel).

Oh and it appears to be a lil bit stylish (looks like it) based on the trailer , which you can view in your comfy seat right about… now:

Pretty cool eh?

“But G, you’re always biased with JGL because the dude’s always fucking cool in your book no matter what anyway…”

Brain… shut the fuck up.


One response to “Premium Rush looks awesome!

  1. I’m actually kind of excited about this. The pacing feels like The Fast & The Furious, but for bikers. JGL is always great and I think there could potentially be some great bike stunts here.

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