The Sony TGS (2011) Press Conference…

..they should’ve renamed it to “Suit Up! The PlayStation Vita Conference” or whatever floats because it was mostly about the Vita (around 95%), a couple of awkward handshakes… and hardly any actual game footage at all, which was seriously disappointing.

Anyway, here are some of the stuff that we should all find (at least) interesting aside from the Japanese exclusive what-have-you:

  • The Japanese release date was announced for the PlayStation Vita: December 17, 2011. Still no word on US/EU release dates, which was yet again disappointing.
  • It supports multi-tasking and it has (personally) a catchy background music.
  • Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 was confirmed for the Vita and it’ll be launch title. Awesome. It’ll be identical to its console cousins and will touch controls.
  • Final Fantasy X HD/Remake has been announced for both PlayStation 3 and the Vita. Oookay, seriously, why? Nobody asked for it, that’s one. And two– we all know what everybody wants in terms of remake (hint: it has a ridiculous snowboarding sequence).
  • Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders HD Collections have also been confirmed for Vita.
  • Hideo Kojima reminding everybody that he’s working on a new IP, and it’ll be for both the PS3 and the Vita.
  • Most of the PSP download titles can be played on the Vita. “Most”? That’s odd…

…and that’s pretty much it. I know: disappointing is the word. Nothing mind blowing except maybe for the FFX HD because, again, nobody was really expecting that. Hell, people forgot that it’s been 10 years since it came out in the first place! Well… I did.

Am I getting it?! Sure, why not. It was one of my least favorite FFs mainly because I didn’t like the Sphere Grid, or whatever it was, and Wakka was kinda annoying.


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