Square and Enix are trolls: Dragon Quest X (Officially) Confirmed

The next major entry of Japan’s favorite video game franchise — if not Japan’s national game ala Korea’s StarCraft — has “officially” been unveiled: Dragon Quest X Online: Rise of the Five Tribes.

It’s coming for the Wii, as it was announced originally years back, and it will be an online-ish RPG similar to Phantasy Star Online and Monster Hunter Tri.

I’m… extremely disappointed. I know it was announced for the Wii years back, but I was hoping the developers would change their minds and release it for the Wii-U (a HD Dragon Quest game would be sweet) *UPDATE: Apparently there’s going to be a Wii-U version as well* if not, hell, the PlayStation 3. And as a “lite” online/MMORPG? For the Wii!? Give me a fucking break. What I want is an epic, single player Dragon Quest experience with actual characters and such. Not something like this.

Plus it looks like shit.

Dragon Quest — to those who are still wondering why this blazing entry is labelled as “news” — is essentially Japan’s equivalent version of Halo and Madden, all rolled into one. Not that it plays similar, obviously, but I’m comparing it in terms of popularity and celebrity status (I guess, if that’s what you wanna call it).

To give you an idea: Every release day of a numbered, main entry Dragon Quest game has been treated as a “public holiday” in Japan. The launch days are wildly anticipated and celebrated, plus they’re always released on Saturdays so that kids won’t be cutting school. Yes, it’s that huge.


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