This is a pretty badass Avengers promotional artwork…

…unlike this one, which is still good don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as dramatic as the one you’re looking at right now. Though Black Widow’s pose could’ve been much more than just stretching her arms. Adding some guns (actual guns, mind you) would’ve been nice. Clicky here for the bigger image.

Also, check out this Loki piece (after the cut), which looks ace as well, and a featurette called “The Road to The Avengers” which’ll be included in the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release of Thor:

Cool eh? I’m digging these costume changes. It’s kinda similar to mecha-anime shows where the good guys would change their suits (or whatever Bandai’s selling) later on in the series. Again kids, kinda.

Here’s the “Road to The Avengers” clips. Neato:


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