Our Idiot Brother…

…was a spot-hitting, sweet film and just, overall, a pretty excellent comedy-drama.

I wasn’t really aware of the film’s existence until I saw the trailer initially, which was attached to a screening I saw months ago. It’s quite odd considering I usually get my trailer fix via one of the many movie websites out there, if not (doi) YouTube. It caught my attention partially because of its interesting plot, and it has Paul Rudd, Steve Coogan and Zooey Deschanel. Guys I admire greatly, especially Zooey. So that got me really excited and it built my interest from thereon.

And with such an interesting title like that; I was expecting something semi-raunchy similar to this year’s Bridesmaids. Not that I’m a devout follower of the “raunchy genre” (Apatow movies or whatever those guys who made The Hangover are up to), but I don’t mind watching another R-ish comedy, especially since we’ve been getting some entertaining ones this season, which is slightly debatable of course.

Anyway, the movie isn’t exactly what I was expecting and as it turns out: it’s actually another solid, slice-of-life-y comedy that just hit me on different levels. Disappointed? Obviously not because I do prefer that oppose to having another wacky film which may or may not be as entertaining as it should.

But yeah, the movie did push some buttons and it’s mostly because of the story and how everything interweaves at the end. And it is indeed great and compelling since it’s simply all about a good-hearted dude (Paul Rudd) who just likes to help other people in coping up with this shitty thing we call “life”. I dug that aspect a lot, and Paul Rudd’s take on the titular character was pretty believable– I won’t be surprised if he gets some form of nomination within the next few months. He’s that impressive.

Great acting, tremendous cast, funny script and a really well-thought-out story; I really enjoyed this movie. Admittedly it’s not as strong and “direct” as 50/50 (possibly my favorite movie of 2011, we’ll see), but it’s still such an excellent film. Recommended for those who looking for a feel-good movie this season aside from the usuals. And yes, if you’re a fan of Paul Rudd and Zooey– it’s definitely worth checking out.


One response to “Our Idiot Brother…

  1. Nice Review! Paul Rudd is terrific as the loveable, good-hearted, naive Ned. His warmth makes this a feel good film, but the annoying sisters take their toll and nearly ruin my Rudd buzz. Check out my review when you get a chance!

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