It looks like Bayonetta 2 might be announced this week… [Umm, no]

…according to Hideki Kamiya’s very own Twitter account. Basically a fan asked about Bayo 2 and Kamiya’s Twit response was “This week… in a game magazine…”.

Nice! TROLL! There won’t be any unveiling this week according to Platinum Games’ bossman Atsushi Inaba. False alarm folks! Yeeesh…

Here’s my original reaction: The timing’s right, if you think about it, since he’s been purposely hinting on the sequel to Platinum Game’s hyper-action game for months now if I’m not mistaken. Plus, Tokyo Game Show 2011 is just a few weeks away, so it pretty much does make sense.

I really am super excited about this! Bayonetta was such a FUN action title, and it was my favorite game of 2010 if you guys recall. Here’s hoping it’ll be officially announced later tonight, if not tomorrow. I know Toshihiro Nagoshi (Yakuza creator) has something to announce later sooo…. hmm. Hmm indeed.


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