So I saw Spirited Away again…

…and, I believe it was probably the 4th or 3rd time, I couldn’t remember, anyway– I now fully appreciate it. The freakin’ weirdness made so much sense to me after multiple viewings between now and the year it came out, plus Joe Hisaishi’s score was astonishingly brilliant which I absolutely forgot!

Nope, it’s not that I hated the film when I first saw it in this private-ish screening in Makati nearly a decade ago (it was at this anime club, gathering thingie… my buddy Kenneth would probably recall). In fact I remember liking the movie back then, but thought it wasn’t as excellent and “classic” compared to Miyazaki’s previous works. The hype probably killed it for me since it was critically praised in both Japan and North America.

Now, I’m not saying this movie is on par with the classics such as Kiki’s, Totoro, Nausicaa and so on. Far from it still to be perfectly honest. But what I’m just simply trying to say — in this very random post ‘case you didn’t notice — is that Spirited Away was fucking cool after multiple viewings. To my fellow anime or Ghibli fans out there who felt nearly the same way as I did years back should definitely revisit it again. Could be the craziest 2 hours of your life in this fuzzy universe we live in, no joke.

Then again, it was probably… never mind. Kinda spaced out there since I had a couple of PBRs earlier today because we recorded another wacky TLL episode.

Also awesome for the 3rd time (this one I’m positively sure it was the 3rd time)? Nick and Norah. Wow! I did like the movie when I saw it initially, but the book was just waaaaay better for me. So, I revisited the film also last week and, holy shit, it was just so much better this time. I dunno why. Really, I don’t.



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