Because I still care even just for a little bit: NEW Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer

Hey lookie, it’s a brand new trailer for a Final Fantasy sequel that nobody asked in the first place! Sweet.

In all honesty though, it’s a decent-looking trailer (from the upcoming TGS if my sources are valid) and I still believe the game has the potential to be a playable and 25-hour-tutorial-less Final Fantasy… despite having some shittier dialogue. Sure, the excitement over a new Final Fantasy game has been diminishing, for me personally, and I find that funny considering that I should be mega-super excited about this. I mean, dude, it’s a fucking new Final Fantasy game! What the hell happened, you tell me and I’ll probably throw in a prize. If I can.

And since I briefly mentioned the trailer’s dumbed-down dialogue (unless of course I was on crack while playing the first game); it would be extremely nice if Square wouldn’t mind inserting the Japanese audio track. I’ve been playing Xenoblade with Japanese voices and it just sounds so much better just like it was meant to be. But hey, Square isn’t nice so I highly doubt they will. Jerks.

Anyway fanboys, here you go:


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