Conan the Barbarian…

…it was just average and formulaic. A decent-ish action flick that’s hardly anything special.

I dunno, I had an “OK” time with it I guess and I didn’t really waste 2 hours of my life… since I did have the option to just sit back and play 2 of my most anticipated games of the year. *ahem* But yeah some of the set pieces and costumes were pretty good, in my opinion, even though the overall quality of the movie resembles a biggie-budgeted direct to DVD film, if not your usual TV special.

Going to this movie and expecting a triple-A caliber epic is not the ideal way and you’ll just be uber-pissed. I mean, why would anyone expect that in the first place?

Anyway. Aside from some watchable action scenes and the gore, which is always entertaining in a movie like this; there are some (if not most) instances where it suddenly becomes dull and just plainly flat. Never mind the cruddy acting by Khal Drogo and the beefy evil dude from Avatar, but I’m talking about the cookie-cutter characters and the pretty shitty editing. The characters in this movie are soulless and I practically never gave a shit about them in any way. They die, they live, who cares?

Editing on the other hand is also another concern. I did mention that some of the action scenes were entertaining. But that was just probably the first act before and after Conan grows up (no, it’s not a spoiler ya kidding?). Afterwards, the movie suddenly tries to be this non-stop action blockbuster, and most of the action sequences  from that point were either just “fine yeah, that’s cool” or “wow OK, what the fuck just happened?”.  Sigh. It feels loud and noisy now that I think about it.

Again, it’s just a steady, action movie that’s watchable at the very least. Who knows, maybe I should see it again later this year and have a “clearer” mind. Yes, it was a fact that I was fucking tired when I saw this movie earlier this evening. Blame my ‘effed-up bodyclock.


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