So, the Team ICO Collection bonus features have been revealed…

…and, sadly, there isn’t a demo of the game that I’ve been eagerly anticipating as much as getting your next pay check. Obviously I’m talking about Fumito Ueda’s next masterpiece: The Last Guardian. But hey, it’s still a pretty sweet deal that we are getting a couple of interesting videos. Like that 20 minute-plus round table discussion between Ueda and some guys, which could be worthwhile.

I’m not complaining, and nobody should to begin with. Sure, having a demo of TLG would’ve been the best present ever. But it was surely a loooong shot given that Ueda’s team hasn’t even released actual gameplay clips to the public. Anyway, you can head over here to check out the full details as well as the Trophies.

Nope, what you’re looking up there is not the game’s new cover art. It’s clearly fanmade that resembles those Criterion DVD and Blu-ray collections. Impressive isn’t it?


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