It’s Wizard World Chicago this Weekend!

Well actually I just got back from the con’s soft-opening and, jeezus, I’ll be frank: it’s not looking anything special. Calling it “craptacular” would be too frickin’ early since all they had earlier were the dealer’s area and artists’ alley. Both, I believe, are the main attractions (sans the celebrities of course) of this convention anyway according to Mr. Lost Level who has been attending WW annually.

Usual comic-con booths such as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and other various publishers are sorely missing. Yep, the convention floor has definitely been altered a lot since the last time I attended, which was 3 years ago. Oh welp.

Here’s a couple of celebrities I wish to meet and have a photo with this weekend, even though it’s pretty UNLIKELY… unless LL’s press powers are infinitely awesome and celestial: Bruce Campbell, Patrick Stewart, Felicia Day, Chrisopher Lloyd, Louis Gossett Jr. (Iron Eagle! F-yeah!), James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, Ed Furlong and Billy Corgan.

That lineup of so-called “stars” ain’t so bad now that I think about it. We’ll see… though hey, I’ll just keep my expectations low and, who knows, I might have goody-goody weekend! Oh and that picture above is from Sword by the Luna Brothers. I was able grab a copy of the 4th and final trade for only 7 bucks. Sweet.

Sword is a very good book by the way and I’m highly recommending it to anyone who reads. Actually, anything by the Luna Brothers is a must-read! Start with Ultra, then Girls, and then finally Sword. Trust me, you’ll have one of the most enjoyable comic-reading sessions of your life. Believe.


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