I’ve been catching up on Bakuman lately…

…and things have been getting more interesting since the last time I left.

The Toru Nanamine arc was very cool, personally, because it feels refreshing, in some ways, for the manga to finally have a true antagonist. In short, an asshole to toy around Ashirogi Muto considering, quite frankly, they never had one as cunning and dickish as Nanamine. Unless you count Eiji, but he really is more of a rival than a total total prick.

That’s also one thing I noticed about Bakuman: When it introduces new characters (such as Nanamine) or unique situations (like the bank robbery scenario), the manga suddenly becomes engaging oppose to the usual “hey, more kooky issues with the editors and fellow mangakas… let’s just get better and be the best yo!” and so on. Readers who’ve been following since the beginning would probably know what I mean, err right? No matter how awesome Saiko and Shujin cram up their wild ideas and such; there is a strong possibility that they will *ding-ding* lose. Until eventually they’ll come up with something better, which is normally the case.

It’s like one of those battle manga dilemmas where the hero will keep losing in a big-ass, epic fight until he/she levels up and becomes godlike. Only this time, of course, it’s guys and girls wearing Uniqlo clothes with pens unlike dudes with swords and shit.

I know– it’s a goddamn weekly Manga for crying out loud, and the creators need to filter in any random stuff as long as they can because, hey, it sells!

I… was mildly kidding about the Uniqlo part. Though if I was a mangka working in Tokyo (hah! I wish!); I would probably nab all those cool and slick Uniqlo shirts. Probably their pants too. Anyway, will resume reading now…


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