“Brinstar (The Jungle Floor)”

Composed by Kenji Yamamoto.

A few days late, but whattahell: Belated Happy 25th Anniversary Metroid!

Totally forgot to post this and celebrate since I was out the whole day last Saturday thanks to the Obon Festival and ROTPOTA. My original plan was to, at least, play Super Metroid during the weekend and try to reach as faaar as I could (tis a short-ish game after all). OK, I lied because I thought about that plan just now, and it seems pretty unlikely that I’ll be playing SM anytime soon since I have a lot of games on my plate. Like, y’know, Cathy which I’m currently loving to bits…

So, Metroid? Awesome franchise! And Super Metroid? Awesome-awesome game! I just hope Yoshio Sakamoto will revisit the series soon and direct a worthy, 2D follow up for the 3DS (“revive” Metroid Dread perhaps?). Haven’t played Other M so I really can’t comment on Sakamoto’s work on that. Anyway, here’s one of my fave tracks from Super Metroid:

[audio http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/3657hvxa95/super_metroid_music_brinstar_the_jungle_floor.mp3]

I’m not exactly the biggest Metroid nerd, but I’ve at least played a couple of games from the franchise. So that cements me as a fan, ultimately. Unlike some dicks out there who haven’t played or beaten any of the Metroid games and try to celebrate the anniversary by reblogging an image just because “oh hey, it’s looks cool… will reblog and celebrate too!”. Cute.


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