30 Minutes or Less…

…was alright and watchable for an action-comedy. I had no expectations even though it’s from Ruben Fleischer (the guy who directed Zombiela— oh wait it’s in the poster, nevermind) and has Jesse Eisenberg whom, by the way, I’m sort of a fan since the criminally underrated Adventureland (bet you think I was gonna say TSN huh?).

I had a couple of laughs, sure, but some of the dialogue or jokes felt forced and even bland (just a tad bit) compared to some of the comedies I have seen this Summer. I may or may not be part of the minority here; but I do honestly believe it’s the least enjoyable comedy I’ve seen this season oppose to, say, Horrible Bosses. Still enjoyable and entertaining though not the juiciest of the bunch, personally.

Then again… that could change after a second or third viewing, maybe, since the movie itself had a similar-ish structure with 2008’s Pineapple Express. Now Pineapple Express, I remember clearly, didn’t impress me initially when I saw it 3 years ago. However, when I revisited the Seth Rogen and James Franco “adventure” last year with my super-badass-partner-in-crime (Mr. GTA, the other half of GTG): it suddenly became this crazy-fun flick that blew me away! The movie was entertaining the first time definitely, but not that entertaining. How or what the fuck just happened there… honestly, I have no clue.

Of course both movies have different shenanigans, more or less, and that’s not to say I need to rewatch this one as soon as possible, because I don’t want to. Not yet. In the end, I would call it another matinee showing. Frankly I didn’t doze off considering that I was super tired the moment I sat down inside the theater, unlike Cowboys & Aliens where I, umm yes, had to shut my eyes for a few minutes. Burn. So I guess I found this movie a lot more enjoyable then huh?


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