50/50 (that dramedy with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick)…

…was sooo good, touching, compelling and simply just wonderful. It’s possibly — and I’ll just be completely honest here mmkay? — my new favorite slice-of-life film as of this time. Actually, it might even be my favorite dramedy this year.

You know what? It is. Yes, I liked it even more than Richard Ayoade’s Submarine even though both are completely (and I mean completely) different films.

Please give it a shot if you appreciate these type of movies. The cast was brilliant, the script was spot-on, and even some of the songs they used were fittingly fantastic. Shit, I can’t even think of any cons with this movie. It’s that good.

Now, just a lil heads up– there are certain elements in this film that may not be, I guess you could say, suitable to a couple of guys out there. Namely pals and relatives of yours truly. Some may find it “too soon” (i.e. cancer) while other could just be generally annoyed for a few minutes, if not more (i.e. Seth Rogen). Hey, I like him a lot but I know some who can’t fucking stand him.

Consider yourselves warned because I don’t want guys giving me the finger after praising and recommending such a brilliant film from the guy who gave us The Wackness; which was also, by the way, another pretty good movie.


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