Captain America: The First Avenger…

…was fantastic in terms of being this fun, pulp action-adventure blockbuster that we haven’t been seeing a lot lately. Fans of the Indy movies and the Uncharted games might probably know what I’m trying to say. Old school-ish action film that was done generally well, if not just about right.

In this age of Zack Snyder, Michael Bay, Justin Lin and even Paul Greengrass; it’s somewhat refreshing to see a traditional action movie that doesn’t heavily rely on shaky cams and slow-mo choreographs. Cheers to you Joe Johnston.

However, I have one issue with this movie and that’s the pacing of the first few acts. Essentially it’s the typical “superhero origin” setup where you have to sit through at least 30 minutes, or so, till the protagonist gets the costume and starts beating the shit out of everybody. Think of the very first Spidey movie or Batman Begins or even First Class. Now, unlike those movies where the pacing was steady for their respected setups, there’s just something about Cap’s that feels a bit off. I said earlier that the movie was done generally well, but there some scenes — I’m guessing before and after the transformation — that could have been tightened. Bad editing maybe?

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the movie all thanks to the stellar cast, the superb Alan Silvestri score, some witty dialogue and great action set-pieces. Next year… ahh next year: I can’t wait.

I’m sure you’ve smelled the “I really enjoyed it” part already from a mile away, prior to posting this entry, since I tend to “overhype” Marvel Studios’ movies to a certain degree. Well, if not 2011 blockbusters in general (hello Transformers 3). Though hey let’s face the facts here: All of the Marvel Studios movies have been good, for the most part, whether you like it or not (yes, even Iron Man 2). In short– Marvel, or I should say Marvel Studios, has been kicking ass and their Captain America movie is no exception. Go see it.


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