There’s going to be a Captain Planet live-action movie…

…and it’s being produced by Don Murphy, one of the producers of the Transformers films.

I… umm, I don’t know what to say. A part of me believes this is going to look ridiculously terrible, mainly because I cannot imagine anyone playing a friendly, silver-skinned man with green hair, walking around, flying and saving people for the sake of recycling and so forth. Seriously. Think about it! Imagine Doug Jones’ Silver Surfer (from the mediocre Fantastic Four movie sequel) with hair… and smiling! No thanks.

Then again, the cartoon was pretty iconic back when I was in grade school due to its “environmental awareness”, and I’m sure the kids in today’s generation might appreciate Captain Planet’s overall theme and whatnot. So it may have an audience if you think closely. Though the people who grew up watching the show will most likely bitch it about no matter what, as you can evidently see.

Sorry– but the only way that I would watch something like this is with friends, a keg and some earthy sandwiches. Can you imagine?! “The POWER is yours!”

You can head over to Collider to read the full PR if you wish.


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