That’s one step Nintendo: The Last Story Trademarked for US

In case you didn’t know, there’s a fan campaign going around where a bunch of “angry” Japanese RPG enthusiasts are persuading Nintendo of America to localize 3 exclusive role-playing games for the Wii: Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower. All 3 games have been confirmed for a European release about a month ago, and yes that includes having English as one of the languages you can pick. Europe loves her J-RPG fans in short.

Nintendo of America’s response to the whole she-bang? “…there are no plans currently” or I so heard, which by the way translates to a Stormtrooper saying “Move along… move along”. Personally, I find this very annoying because this generation could use some high quality Japanese RPGs, for consoles at least.

Now, out of nowhere, Nintendo files a US trademark for one of those games: The Last Story. This could possibly mean that the Mistwalker Wii RPG is indeed coming to North America… soon. Or it could mean squat because NoA might just be trolling the hungry J-RPG community, which is very unlikely BUT you never know due to their shoddy responses.

It’s good news, nonetheless, for Japanese RPG fans since this is the only pure evidence that there’s still hope after all. At least for one of the games because Xenoblade and Pandora’s Tower are different cases altogether. The former is coming to Europe next month (with a dual-language option if I may add) and latter is the “dark horse” among the trio that really isn’t getting much attention compared to other 2 biggie RPGs.

I expect Nintendo will make an announcement pretty soon. Next month maybe at Gamescom? But wait, that event’s gonna be held at Europe… who knows.

I’ve played the import release of The Last Story in case you were wondering, and I can safely say that it’s a very solid RPG. The combat itself is very unique and feels like a fantasy version of (no seriously) Mass Effect 2, and the art design is pretty top notch. Fans of the genre with be pleased, no doubt about that. The game itself was spearheaded by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy if the name doesn’t ring a bell. Here’s a trailer:


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