Hello! New Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay Footage!

At least there’s one major Final Fantasy title that isn’t vaporware. Nomura’s a tool. Anyway…

There’s 4 clips in total after the jump and they’re pretty brief (about less than a minute each). I have to say– the battles look very action heavy and it seems a little bit too much. For me at least. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I was expecting it to be more in lieu with the “classic” Final Fantasies oppose to something like, say, Kingdom Hearts or Crisis Core.

Still– seeing that there’s a world map, a chocobo and an airship (yep, this game has ’em) gives me this very distinct feeling that this will be a very good Final Fantasy once it comes out.

I’ve heard rumors that the localized version might be ported to the Vita, which seems plausible at this point. Let’s face it: the PSP isn’t really doing well in North America which is a shame. Hence it would be wise for Square to do something “crazy” and port it to the Vita instead. Again, this is just one of those wild rumors so don’t you dare jump to hasty conclusions now.


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